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SeeGEO® Mission-centric full motion video analysis software

Mission-centric full motion video analysis software

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SeeGEO software is a secure, web-based full motion video exploitation software solution designed for the tactical edge. SeeGEO provides Full Motion Video (FMV) analysts with the ability to visualize MISB-compliant data and create mission products that can be easily exploited live and referenced later for analysis.

Features include:

  • Configure livestreaming data
  • Catalog and re-stream FMV data
  • Ground station and mission chat capabilities
  • Detailed exploitation of captured skills
  • Quick, seamless report generation
  • Collaborative mission-oriented archiving

Mission Focused

  • Connect to multiple livestreams via IP addresses
  • Re-stream and transcode active feeds to other products such as Textron Systems’ desktop FMV tool, Optice™
  • Archive mission-specific chat, video and imagery products together to streamline workflows and collaboration
  • Support complex mission priorities through a simplified, user-friendly dashboard
  • Perform a unified search across all content types and sources with integrated tools

Full Motion Video Exploitation

  • Display FMV footprint on a user-specific map
  • Generate geo-referenced stills from livestreaming and archived video
  • Enhance, measure and annotate images that can be shared with Textron Systems’ Remoteview™
  • Create reports quickly with configurable templates and publication tools