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SP-110 TS ROS Two Stroke Engine (exhaust at the top) Two-Cylinder UAV engine
SP-110 TS ROS Two Stroke Engine (exhaust at the top)

Two-Cylinder UAV engine

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SP-110 TS ROS Two Stroke Engine (exhaust at the top)

The SP-110 TS ROS (exhaust at the top) is the smallest 2-stroke engine with twin spark and rear output shaft for a variety of applications with UAV and UAS.

This 2-stroke dual cylinder SP-110 TS ROS (Rear Output Shaft) with 110ccm is a common engine system on UAV programs from 45-65kg MTOW. Designed and built from the same proven core architecture as other dual cylinder engines in Sky Power portfolio, this engine system offers power density and reliability in all operational scenarios.

The SP-110 TS ROS is equipped with dual spark plugs per cylinder, the crankcase is CNC machined and the cylinder is casted aluminium. The rear output shaft feature allows for greater operational diversity, to include a starter generator which can be configured into a hybrid or power generation capability.

The SP-110 TS ROS has achieved 1000s hrs globally in all environmental conditions, with a key user flying in desert conditions with high continuous ambient temperature and sand particulates.

The following additional configurations can be offered:

  • no rear output shaft
  • Rear output shaft
  • Generator and Controller
  • Starter Generator and Controller
Type 2-Cylinder Gas Engine
Capacity 110 ccm / 6.7 cu in
Power 7.48 HP / 5.5 KW @ 6000 RPM
Speed Range 2200 – 10000 RPM
Weight 8.80 lbs (4.0 kg) incl. ignition
Crankshaft 4 ball bearings
Oil/Gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% mix
Operating Voltage 6 – 8.4 V DC
Bore diameter 1.77 inch (45.00 mm)
Stroke 1.37 inch (35.00 mm)
Torque 10 Nm @ 5000 RPM