High Accuracy AHRS, Tracking and Orientation Sensor Modules for GPS-Denied Navigation
NaviGuider Orientation Module Needs no manual calibration and no additional algorithms!
NaviGuider Orientation Module

Needs no manual calibration and no additional algorithms!

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NaviGuider Orientation Module

The first complete sensor-based orientation system for UAVs, ocean gliders, robots, and buoys

Simple and easy to integrate, the new NaviGuider is a complete sensor-based guidance module that requires no external calibration and no additional algorithms.

The Best Parts: The NaviGuider module incorporates an RM3100 magnetic sensor, an accelerometer and a gyroscope, all tightly fused on a super low- power Edge-AI sensor coprocessor, freeing up your host processor for other work.

Needs no more algorithms: It comes super-charged with the latest, military grade algorithms, including continuous hard and soft-iron magnetic auto- calibration, important magnetic anomaly compensation and industry-leading and real-world proven sensor fusion algorithms.

Minuscule Power Consumption: NaviGuider’s 15-state Kalman filter uses data from the sensors to provide reliable motion tracking and accurate compass heading, while using about 1% of less than half a mWatt of power. It offloads significant computational work-load from your host processor, for longer system deployment

Easy to Install: Even the most skilled UAV and Glider engineers are frustrated by the complexities of integrating IMU’s and magnetic sensors, and irritated by the many calibration errors most magnetic sensors can inject. NaviGuider has a panel mountable printed-circuit assembly with a connector for cable interfacing. Its small form factor, UART interface and ASCII protocol makes system integration straightforward. For embedded designers, NaviGuider-I²C is available with an I²C interface on a surface-mountable PCBA.