High-Resolution & Long-Range LiDAR for Airborne Surveys & 3D Mapping
Scout M2X High-performance SLAM-capable UAV LiDAR scanner
Scout M2X

High-performance SLAM-capable UAV LiDAR scanner

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Scout M2X

The Scout-M2X is the most powerful LiDAR scanning system in the Scout series, bringing new levels of performance, flexibility, precision and accuracy. Featuring a 640 kHz pulse rate scanner and a triple return capability, it acquires more data at faster rates even through vegetation.

The versatile system is SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping)-capable and can be integrated with a range of high-resolution camera options up to 61 MP.


Dimensions 17.7 x 11.6 x 12.3 cm
Weight 1.8 kg (without camera)
Power Consumption 30W
Number of Lasers 32
Range 300 m (80 m @ 10% for all channels) max
0.5m min
Pulse Rate 640 kHz
FOV 40.3° (-20.8° to +19.5°) vertical
360° horizontal
Absolute Accuracy 2 - 4 cm RMSEz @ 100 m AGL
Intraswath Precision 4 cm RMSDz @ 100 m AGL