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Retinar FAR-AD Drone detection radar for counter-sUAS
Retinar FAR-AD

Drone detection radar for counter-sUAS

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Retinar FAR-AD

Retinar FAR-AD is a specialized radar system specifically designed to detect small drones at long ranges and overcome the limitations of visual-based solutions. Operating on the Ku-band with low RF power output, it utilizes a customized pulse-compression Doppler waveform to provide effective Low-Slow-Small (LSS) moving target detection, tracking and classification even at low altitudes and in poor visibility.

Automatically scanning large areas and low-altitude air space with an elevation angle of 40 degrees, Retinar FAR-AD has been designed with a digital radar architecture that offers a variety of waveforms and selectable angular rotation speeds. It can communicate with control software installed on a laptop or computer via a 10/100Mbps Ethernet data interface.


Weight <40 kg (radar and pan/tilt)
Power Consumption <400W (radar and pan/tilt)
Detection Range Drone (DJI Phantom 4): Up to 4.4 km
Drone (Talon): Up to 5.2 km
Paramotor: Up to 9.3 km
Human: Up to 9.3 km
Max Target Tracking Speed 240 km/h
Range Resolution 3m
Range Accuracy <0.5m RMS
Azimuth Coverage 360o continuous, 0-360o adjustable sectors
Scan Speeds 4, 8, 16, 32 RPM