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UHF eRadio HX-DU8616D Pro Smart and High Efficient Radio Modem for Fast Data Transmission
UHF eRadio HX-DU8616D Pro

Smart and High Efficient Radio Modem for Fast Data Transmission

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UHF eRadio HX-DU8616D Pro

X-DU8616D Pro is an advanced, high speed, high power, wireless data link built to withstand the demanding conditions of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. Due to the 35W high transmitting power, connection distances up to 20 kilometers can be covered in favorable conditions. It is designed with a ruggedized IP67 weatherproof enclosure to withstand extreme environments.

Intelligent Serial Baud Rate Identification

HX-DU8616D Pro can automatically identify RTK serial baud rate with radio data cable and provide a plug and play form for easy connection between eRadio and RTK.

Multiple Operating Modes

HX-DU8616D Pro is an easy-to-use radio modem that provides dependable performance as either a base, radio repeater or network repeater working with other Harxon radio modems in challenging environments.

Convenient Mobile APP Operations

HX-DU8616D Pro also supports the Bluetooth of APP to configure data and updates radio status. Its diagnostic reporting software can realize the built-in reliability monitoring.

Multiple Communication Protocols

HX-DU8616D Pro is a highly versatile device that is capable of supporting multiple communication protocols, including ETALK, TRIMTALK™, TRIMMARK™3, Transparent-EOT, SATEL®.

  • Supports H/M/L three level transmission power(customized)
  • Supports serial baud rate identify between 115200bps、 57600bps、 38400bps、 19200bps、9600bps
  • Compatible communication protocols of ETALK, TRIMTALK™, TRIMMARK™3,
  • Transparent-EOT, SATEL®
  • Supports mobile APP data configuration
  • Supports network repeater
  • User friendly OLED screen display
  • IP67 rugged protection