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Drone Parachute Recovery Systems for Multirotor UAVs, Fixed Wing, VTOL, and other UAV

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Fruity Chutes
Drone Parachute Recovery Systems for Multirotor UAVs, Fixed Wing, VTOL, and other UAV
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Fruity Chutes is the leading provider of parachute recovery systems (PRS) for multicopter drones, fixed wing, VTOL, and other UAS.

With a wide variety of highly versatile and tailorable solutions, Fruity Chutes parachute recovery systems protect your UAV and your company’s reputation all while fostering a sense of security and trust between your platform, your customers, and all with whom you do business.

Drone Parachutes

As the first manufacturer of PRS for sUAS, Fruity Chutes has a well-established and venerable reputation for providing efficient, lightweight, and user-friendly recovery systems suited for integration with drones of all kinds and airframes of any architecture.

Multirotor Parachute

uav parachute recovery system

Exceeding the Standard

Quality fixed-wing, quadcopter, sUAS & multirotor parachutes

Fruity Chutes is built on 15 years of continuous research, curating the highest quality materials, refining system designs, and testing our products to meet and exceed rigorous standards.

This includes ASTM F3322 standards, FAA regulations and testing for Type Certification, Operations Over Human Beings waivers, and numerous other waivers and qualifications.

Drone Parachutes

Fruity Chutes is the first and only drone recovery company to have a customer obtain FAA Type Certification

UAV Parachute

We were also the first to have a customer using our parachutes obtain FAA Production Certification, long-term waivers for Operations Over Human Beings, and long-term waivers for Operations Over Moving Vehicles.

Many more of our customers have reached these achievements and similar successes over the years.

Over 4000 customers with widely varying flight applications have selected our UAV parachute recovery systems, giving our drone chutes an established track record for reliability.

Recovery Solutions We Offer

UAV Recovery

  • Multirotor Recovery Bundles
  • Fixed Wing Recovery Bundles
  • PUAVL CO2 Launchers
  • Harrier Parachute Launchers
  • Skycat Parachute Launchers
  • Sentinel ATS (SATS-MINI)
  • Hawk CO2 Release


  • Iris Ultralight
  • Iris Ultra Compact
  • Iris Ultra Standard
  • Classic Ellipticals 12” to 60”
  • L3 Ellipticals 72” to 120”
  • TARC Low and Mid-Power
  • Drogue and Pilot
  • Custom Parachutes

More Recovery Gear

  • Deployment Bags
  • Parachute Liners
  • Nomex Blankets
  • Recovery Tethers
  • Shock Cords
  • Attachment Harnesses
  • Links, Swivels, Hardware
  • Line and Cable Cutters
  • Electronics

Ballistic Parachute Launchers

Our user-friendly spring and CO2 ballistic launchers create separation between the propellers and the parachute to ensure safe recovery.

All of our parachute launchers are optimized for compact size and minimal weight. Integrating a launcher bundle adds an average of less than 5% of the UAV’s weight. This allows you to ensure the safety of your drone and payload without losing flight time.

uav parachute launcher

Multirotor Parachute LauncherHarrier

  • Spring ballistic launcher
  • For systems 1.27kg to 12.4kg

drone parachute launcherSkycat

  • Spring ballistic launcher
  • For systems 2.5kg to 30kg

Quadcopter Parachute LauncherPeregrine UAV

  • CO2 ballistic launcher
  • For systems 6.3kg to 104kg or more
  • Light and ultralight bundles
  • Easy twist lock base

Premium Quality Drone Parachutes

We sew our fixed-wing and multirotor parachutes with high quality fabrics that meet a strict set of specifications for UAV applications.

We combine high-strength calendared ripstop nylon fabric with custom-made shroud lines to optimize for the least weight at the greatest strength while minimizing packing volume.

drone chute

Unmanned Parachutes

The Iris Ultra Compact and Iris Ultralight parachute models, in particular, are designed for the demands of UAS.

In our launcher bundles, these parachutes are paired with the Harrier, Skycat, and Peregrine UAV launchers for a complete recovery solution designated for a given MTOW from 1kg to upwards of 200kg.

Learn more about our Iris Ultralight Parachutes

ASTM Compliant Trigger System

Failure detection for Drones, Fixed Wing, VTOL

The Sentinel Automatic Trigger System (SATS-MINI) provides an unparalleled ability to quickly and reliably detect a drone failure as well as the ability to guard against false triggers, making it safe to use with high energy deployment systems that use CO2 or pyro gas ejection.

Automatic Parachute Trigger System

ASTM Compliant Parachute Trigger System

Designed for both automatic and manual remote triggering, the SATS-MINI supports many configurable features to allow tight integration between the autopilot and the SATS-MINI system.

Additionally, the device can be mounted at any position or orientation on the drone.

Learn how the SATS-MINI detects dangerous rotation

Supportive Solutions

Fruity Chutes works primarily with drone manufacturers via direct partnership.

We provide free technical support for full recovery system integration and obtaining certifications and waivers pertaining to FAA and ASTM standards as well as other national and international regulations.

Multirotor Parachute system

drone recovery system

Specific requirements? Trouble working out the details? We provide one-to-one consultations to determine the exact modifications required to make our recovery solutions a perfect fit for your UAV.

No matter the task, our parachute systems ensure that you can fly with peace of mind. We’re here to help, so don’t be shy and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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