Parachute Recovery Systems for Multirotor Drones - Parachute Pods for DJI Matrice
PRS-M350 (ASTM F3322-18 Compliant) Parachute Recovery System for DJI Matrice 350 RTK drones
PRS-M350 (ASTM F3322-18 Compliant)

Parachute Recovery System for DJI Matrice 350 RTK drones

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PRS-M350 (ASTM F3322-18 Compliant)

The PRS-M350 is a Parachute Recovery System (PRS) and flight termination system designed to fit DJI Matrice 350 RTK drones. The PRS-M350 is ASTM F3322-18 compliant with testing completed at the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance, Inc. (NUAIR) test site, one of the FAA-designated test sites. It features a field-replaceable Parachute Pod, coupled with an electronics module that powers the pod and a flight termination system that interfaces with the drone.

The system uses sensors to continuously monitor flight conditions in real time. Should a failure be detected, the parachute is deployed autonomously and non-pyrotechnically in less than half a second. An independent remote control is also provided for the option of manual deployment.

A lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum mounting bracket allows all components to be securely attached without interfering with the aircraft's sensitive GPS modules, and enables other payloads to be attached in a variety of configurations.

Each PRS-M350 kit includes:

  • One Parachute Pod
  • Rugged GPC protective case
  • Electronics module
  • Flight termination system
  • Autonomous triggering System
  • Attachment bracket
  • Manual triggering device
  • Electronics module batteries
  • One year, three deployment warranty
  • CAA & ASTM F3322 documentation


Total System Weight 922 g (2.03 lbs)
Parachute Size 5.5 m2
Battery Life 6 hrs
Deployment Speed 20ms
Manual Remote Range >2 km (1.2 miles)
Average Descent Rate 7.70 kg: 3.24 mps / 10.62 fps
9.20 kg: 3.54 mps / 11.61 fps
Average Impact Energy 7.70 kg: 40.30 J / 29.80 ft-lb
9.20 kg: 57.60 J / 42.50 ft-lb
Minimum Deployment Altitude 7.70 kg: 44.60 m / 146.33 ft
9.20 kg: 50.80 m / 166.67 ft