Radar Sensors for UAVs and Drones: Accessible, Scalable and Reliable
US-D1 Compact all-weather radar altimeter for UAVs

Compact all-weather radar altimeter for UAVs

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The US-D1 is a lightweight and compact radar altimeter that is ideal for a wide range of drone platforms, featuring easy plug-and-play operation with no calibration required. It provides reliable altitude measurements at distances of up to 50 metres, ensuring robust operation during the day or at night and under all weather conditions.

The IP67-sealed device is compatible with Ardupilot and PX4/Pixhawk, and is ideal for applications such as cargo delivery, agricultural spraying and low-altitude surveying and landing.


Dimensions 108 x 79 x 20 mm
Weight 110 g
Power 2W @ 5VDC
Update Rate 100 Hz
Field of View 43 ° x 30 °
Altitude Precision 6.0cm (< 1m), 4.0cm (> 1m)
Operating Altitude Range 0.5 – 50 m
Frequency Band 24 GHz
Bandwidth 190 MHz