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LR-D1 Pro Dual-band radar altimeter for larger VTOL drones
LR-D1 Pro

Dual-band radar altimeter for larger VTOL drones

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LR-D1 Pro

The LR-D1 Pro is an advanced radar altimeter utilizing two antennas and sophisticated sensor fusion to provide centimeter-level altitude measurement precision for mission-critical applications. Featuring a 60 GHz antenna for centimeter-level precision at low altitudes and a 24 GHz antenna for enhanced performance at high altitudes, it delivers reliable and accurate altitude data even under the harshest of conditions.

The rugged sensor is built to withstand heavy-duty industrial conditions, and is highly suited to operations at high speed and with high levels of shock and vibration. It is ideal for larger VTOL drones and unmanned helicopters weighing 85 kg or more, and industrial and tactical applications requiring the utmost in precision.


Dimensions 148 x 134 x 35 mm
Weight 634 g
Power <13W
Update Rate 40 Hz
Field of View 43 ° x 30 °
Altitude Precision 0.075m (<5m), 0.364m (>5m)
Operating Altitude Range 0.3 – 500 m
Frequency Band 24 GHz, 60 GHz
Bandwidth 250 MHz