Miniature ADS-B Technology (Transceivers/Receivers) and Drone Tracking Transponders for sUAS & UTM/U-Space
idME+ (Remote ID) Remote ID with GNSS and pressure sensor
idME+ (Remote ID)

Remote ID with GNSS and pressure sensor

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idME+ (Remote ID)

It is equipped with a high-quality multi-GNSS receiver and a barometric altitude sensor. After equipping with GNSS, it becomes the independent device from the autopilot – it only requires a power connection to function.

Designed to meet requirements of remote drone identification and localization in ASTM/ASD-STAN standard.

Using the BLE broadcast technology, the device provides surveillance and drone operator identification capability based on any modern mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet.

idME can be easily connected to Pixhawk controller via JST connector.

Small outline and low power consumption allow it to be used in ultra-lightweight drones. AT commands provide feasibility to configure broadcast messages, such as drone identification number, type of aircraft, etc. Additional authentication mechanisms are also available.

– FCC certification
- CE certification pending
– in accordance with F3211-19, published in February 2020