Next-Gen Penguin-Inspired AUV Unveiled

The Quadroin autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) carries an expanded instrument payload, the side-scan sonar enables acoustic seafloor imaging, and full-HD underwater cameras with dimmable LED lights provide a visual identification of its surroundings By Joe Macey / 13 Mar 2024
Next-Gen Penguin-Inspired AUV Unveiled
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The next version of Evologics’ Quadroin Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) has been revealed.

Introduced in May 2021, the Quadroin vehicle received attention for its penguin-like design. Engineered for monitoring and surveying, the fast and maneuverable Quadroin leverages EvoLogics’ expertise in low-drag bionic design. 

With its low-drag shape, the Quadroin achieves speeds of up to 10 knots, minimizing energy consumption and enabling versatile deployments.

The new generation Quadroin now carries an expanded instrument payload. The side-scan sonar enables acoustic seafloor imaging. Additionally, two full-HD underwater cameras—one forward-facing at a 45-degree angle and one downward-facing—equipped with dimmable LED lights, provide a visual identification of the vehicle’s surroundings.

The newly integrated EvoLogics AI-powered object recognition module allows detecting objects in the side-scan sonar and video feeds live during the mission with processing carried out onboard the vehicle. It also enables automatic collision avoidance through a front-looking sonar system. 

The hardware and propulsion systems were redesigned with next-generation components for optimal performance. The Quadroin now features a Nortek Nucleus1000 integrated subsea navigation package that couples Nortek’s DVL technology with additional position-aiding sensors for reliable vehicle control.

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