ModalAI’s New NDAA-Compliant ESCs & Image Sensors

ModalAI is expanding its technology offerings with the addition of three ESCs and a computer vision image sensor, joining its suite of NDAA-compliant products By Joe Macey / 25 Mar 2024
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Blue UAS Framework drone and autopilot manufacturer ModalAI has introduced new NDAA-compliant drone accessories. 

ModalAI’s New NDAA-Compliant Drone Components

Technology offerings from ModalAI have been expanded with the addition of three Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) and a computer vision image sensor. 

ModalAI has been at the forefront of manufacturing UAS components that are compliant with the NDAA ‘20 Section 848.

ModalAI has twice partnered with DIU to develop advanced autonomous autopilot systems for the Blue UAS Framework program which procures interoperable, approved hardware for UAS development. VOXL 2 is the foundation of that program and has been integrated in over 300 UAS designs.

“VOXL 2 is driving the industry to advanced, state of the art UAS,” said Chad Sweet, CEO and co-founder of ModalAI. “We’re excited to offer more NDAA-compliant components to complement the incredible computing power of VOXL 2.”

ESCs and image sensors are critical parts of the drone’s operation that control motor speed and perception respectively.

ModalAI’s new, efficient, active-braking ESCs are engineered with SWAP in mind for improved reliability and thermal characteristics. The new global shutter image sensor unlocks computer vision tasks.


  • Mini M0129: Can now power VOXL 2 and VOXL 2 Mini. 40A burst, 15A continuous, 36.5 x 36.5mm, 6.0V-16.8V (2-4S Lipo). 3.8V or 5V @ 6A output power options for VOXL 2 or VOXL 2 Mini. COO USA.
  • 4-in-1 M0134: Now supports up to 6S batteries. 50A burst, 20A continuous, 40.5 x 40.5mm, 6.0V-25.2V (2-6S Lipo). COO USA.
  • FPV M0138: New design for high-current UAS with burst up to 100A per channel, 45A continuous. 45.5 x 59.0mm, 6.0V-25.2V (2-6S Lipo). 5.0V @ 6A output power VOXL 2. COO USA.

Computer vision image sensor

  • M0149: OnSemi AR0144 ¼ inch fisheye lens sensor with flexible PCB cabling. COO Taiwan.

These new components are compatible with ModalAI’s flagship VOXL 2, a companion computer and flight controller that enables autonomy and communications for drones and robots with vision-based SLAM and AI for movement, designed specifically for GPS-denied, autonomous UAVs with obstacle avoidance.

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