Scaling Autonomous Inspection for Large Facility Operations

ANYmal is an autonomous, highly mobile inspection solution with mission-ready payloads, while ANYmal X combines ANYmal with being is safe for use in hazardous atmospheres By Abi Wylie / 07 Feb 2024
Scaling Autonomous Inspection for Large Facility Operations
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ANYbotics strengthens its presence in Norway by partnering with Bergen-based AdeptoR, which will drive the adoption of inspection robots in the Norwegian energy sector. 

ANYbotics’ advanced mobile robots excel in autonomous inspections, asset monitoring, and anomaly detection within intricate industrial settings. Adeptor delivers ANYmal robots directly and as a Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, providing first-level support, customer training, and technical expertise.

ANYmal: Revolutionizing Industrial Inspection

ANYmal is a rugged, autonomous, highly mobile inspection solution with mission-ready payloads and a leading non-Ex inspection robot. As an Ex-certified legged robotic solution, ANYmal X combines the power of ANYmal and is safe for use in hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Whether automating repetitive tasks, performing detailed inspections in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring safety compliance, or monitoring environmental parameters, ANYmal and ANYmal X are the leading robotic inspection solutions for the oil & gas, chemical, transportation, and mining industries.

Bringing Automated Inspection to Ex-zones in Norway

The collaboration between Adeptor and ANYbotics highlights the growing need for industrial robotic inspection in the region, particularly in the oil & gas sector. Adeptor and ANYbotics will provide unmatched industrial inspection solutions by combining their industrial optimization and advanced robotics expertise. 

With the support of Adeptor’s local expertise, industry connections, and proximity to key stakeholders, ANYbotics can now more effectively address the unique needs of oil & gas facilities and improve customer support in this important market.

Transforming the Regional Inspection Ecosystem With Autonomous Robotic Technology

Adeptor is changing the inspection landscape by adding ANYbotics’ robots to its portfolio and introducing autonomous robotic inspection technology to Norway. 

ANYbotics’ inspection solutions increase safety by reducing worker exposure to hazardous environments, improve predictive maintenance through early detection of equipment anomalies, and optimize production through more accurate and frequent data collection.

ANYbotics develops advanced robots for autonomous inspection, monitoring, and anomaly detection in diverse and complex industrial environments. They provide immediate added value by integrating with asset management software and digital twin platforms as an end-to-end solution that enables customers to easily automate inspections.

With extensive experience in the oil & gas sector, Adeptor offers ANYmal and ANYmal X inspection solutions as a direct purchase or on a subscription basis through Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS). 

In addition, Adeptor provides a range of local support services, customer training, and technical expertise to ensure successful implementation and operation.

“By partnering with ANYbotics, Adeptor will leverage its expertise in oil & gas, infrastructure, and industrial processes to expand its portfolio of automated inspection solutions for its customers,” said Dag Ivar Roald, Managing Director at Adeptor AS. 

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