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Partnership to Elevate Smart City Infrastructure Solutions

NEXCOM's ruggedized Edge AI in-vehicle computers are equipped with the latest NVIDIA Jetson modules, and enclosure for In-Vehicle/Rail of E13, EN50155, EN45545-2, and other certifications By Abi Wylie / 06 Feb 2024
Partnership to Elevate Smart City Infrastructure Solutions
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NEXCOM has made a strategic partnership with Kodifly to make spatial data more accessible and actionable through smart city solutions including public transit and infrastructure management.

NEXCOM is a distinguished global leader in edge computing and industrial IoT solutions, while Kodifly is a pioneer in spatial intelligence. 

Kodifly offers AI solutions focused on smart city infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on perception systems and blind spot detection solutions designed to enhance on-road safety and driver awareness. 

Leveraging NEXCOM’s ruggedized Edge AI in-vehicle computers not only equipped with the latest NVIDIA Jetson™ modules, but also enclosure for In-Vehicle/Rail of E13, EN50155, EN45545-2, MIL-STD-810H certifications, Kodifly is poised to run its advanced algorithms with greater speed and reliability. 

Additionally, NEXCOM offers a comprehensive software service called NEXCOM Accelerator Linux (NAL), integrating the NVIDIA® Jetson JetPack™ 5.1.1 software development kit package, Ubuntu 20.04, an onboard MCU Library, and custom-made peripheral I/O functionality drivers. It provides developers with efficient control of the hardware and NVIDIA® Jetson™ modules through APIs, sample code, and I/O utility, facilitating a seamless solution to accelerate customers’’ APP developments. 

This technological synergy will significantly boost the efficiency of Kodifly’s solutions in processing complex data for smart city applications.

Leo Chang, Assistant Vice President, At NEXCOM’s Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS) Business Unit, said; “Our collaboration with Kodifly marks the commencement of a journey towards innovation, reinforcement of urban infrastructure, and the development of safer, smarter cities. 

“Together, we are ushering in a new era of rail artificial intelligence, with the eco-sys partnership. Kodifly has built numerous new application solutions driven by cutting-edge AI technology to enhance the safety of journeys. NEXCOM plays a pivotal role by providing specialized Railway AI computer powered by NVIDIA Jetson™ devices featuring ruggedized IP67 and Rail certified feature. This partnership will lead to even more synergy in the development of future transportation solutions.”

Henry Wong, CEO at Kodifly, added; “We are thrilled to collaborate with NEXCOM. The partnership will significantly boost the performance and reliability of our solutions, making a substantial impact in the realm of smart city infrastructure.”

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