Stabilized EO/IR Gimbal Released for Group 1 UAS

Leonardo DRS has unveiled the STAG-5 LLD, a new 5-inch electro-optical/infrared stabilized gimbal for Group 1 UAS Platforms By Sarah Simpson / 28 Sep 2023
Stabilized EO:IR Gimbal Released for Group 1 UAS Platforms
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Leonardo DRS, Inc. has released its next-generation 5-inch stabilized, multi-sensor EO/IR payload gimbal, with market leading high-definition nighttime imaging capability.

The Small Unmanned Aircraft System Tactical Agile Gimbal (STAG)-5 LLD gimbal is designed for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), including common launch tube UASs, small tactical multirotor UAVs, and light fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

The STAG-5 LLD is the latest advancement in the DRS STAG-5 family of gimbals designed for Class 1 UAS platforms used across the U.S. military for a range of missions.

STAG-5 LLD EO:IR Gimbal for sUAS

The gimbal provides a combination of the newest small high-performance sensors including:

  • high-definition electro-optical
  • high-definition long-wave infrared
  • short-wave infrared
  • laser range finder
  • laser target designator

The gimbal systems are highly stabilized, Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) compatible, less than 6” in diameter, and weigh under five pounds. STAG-5 LLD delivers higher performance through significant savings in weight and volume over current competitor products.

The high-definition long-wave package includes the industry leading DRS TENUM 1280 10-micron uncooled camera core. TENUM is a commercial off-the-shelf sensor providing ultra-high resolution and long-range imaging performance in a small package.

“Adding this high-performance gimbal for day and night use to our STAG-5 family of systems provides the warfighter a market leading capability to improve airborne operations, including JTAC missions, from small, highly portable UAV platforms,” said Jerry Hathaway, senior vice president & general manager of the Electro-Optical & Infrared Systems business.

“We are proud of our innovative team that developed this breakthrough capability, it offers UAS primes, operators, and end-users a new choice to improve their intelligence surveillance reconnaissance-targeting mission execution and effectiveness.”

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