Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle in Development for the Royal Navy

Following a contract award from the UK MoD, EIVA will deliver a containerised ScanFish L ROTV solution to the British Royal Navy, capable of operation beyond the continental shelf By Sarah Simpson / 20 Sep 2023
Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle in Development for the Royal Navy
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Danish subsea engineering specialist EIVA a/s has been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the delivery of a containerised remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) solution displaying data in NaviSuite software.

When delivered, the ROTV, an EIVA ScanFish L, will be integrated into the Royal Navy’s seabed warfare system of systems. Capable of operating from different host platforms, this system will enable the simultaneous operation of multiple acoustic survey sensors and instruments.

Able to operate beyond the continental shelf, the containerised ROTV solution provided by EIVA will be capable of performing various functions, including but not limited to:

  • Pipeline inspection
  • Large area searches and mine countermeasure (MCM) operations
  • Site surveys and seabed mapping
  • Cable route surveys
  • High-resolution object detection
  • Oceanographic data collection through the water column

This solution will provide integrated and enhanced operational capabilities for the Royal Navy, demonstrating both modularity in the ScanFish setup and flexibility of employment through the containerised solution.

As part of the contract, EIVA will deliver a fully equipped 20′ Cube container module and launch and recovery system, supplied by SH Defence, part of SH Group. The ScanFish L ROTV will be equipped with multiple sensors, including:

The system will benefit from EIVA’s NaviSuite software for efficiently processing and analyzing the collected data, enhancing users’. Moreover, the presence of two dedicated workstations within the container will ensure the system’s full operational capability and independence of employment, as there is no need to be plugged into the military ship Command & Control (C2) system.

“We are thrilled to have been awarded this contract by the UK MOD and to be delivering capability for the Royal Navy,” said Flemming Hjorth, Acting CEO of EIVA. “We are excited about this opportunity to continue to provide our expertise in the defence market. We have been working in partnership with Forcys, a global maritime defence company and EIVA’s sister company in Covelya Group, to market the system to allied nations. It’s a great tool to enhance our customers’ seabed warfare capabilities and the protection of critical maritime infrastructures.

As a former navy officer, it is a true privilege to contribute to the Royal Navy’s mission. We eagerly anticipate seeing our ScanFish ROTV in action, performing a wide range of tasks from MCM operations to underwater cable and pipeline inspections.” Cdr ITA-N (Ret’d) Antonio J. Belfiore, EIVA’s Business Development Manager for Defence.

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