UX1-Neo AUV Dives the Hranice Abyss

The UX1-Neo ROV by UNEXMIN Georobotics set a new world record by diving to a depth of 450 meters in the Hranice Abyss, the deepest freshwater cave in the world By Sarah Simpson / 02 May 2023
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UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd. from Budapest, Hungary and the Hranický Kras unit of the Czech Speleological Society joined forces to explore the world’s currently known deepest flooded cave, the Hranická Propast in the Czech Republic, with the UX1-Neo AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle), in 2022.

The company has now released a short film about the expedition, the construction and testing of the UX-1Neo explorer robot, as well as details of the world record-breaking dive:

The UX1-Neo robot dived to 450 m and increased the explored and mapped cave depth by 46 meters. During the dives, the UX1-Neo was used to continuously measure water parameters, create an accurate 3D image of the upper parts of the cave, and give Czech geologists and hydrogeologists a more precise knowledge of the cave’s construction and the debris accumulated there.

The cave’s deepest point was formerly known at 404m, reached by an underwater research robot during a 2016 National Geographic mission which was exclusively aimed at breaking the depth record.

The international team consisted of UNEXMIN Georobotics and its partners in the UNEXUP EIT RawMaterials project, Amphora Diving Club, the Czech Caving Association, the Czech Speleological Society and Czech firefighters and special rescue unit.

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