New Hyperspectral Sensor Delivers Next-Generation Maritime Domain Awareness 

Arkeus’ autonomous ISR sensor for drones and manned aircraft can deliver data for critical decision-making in both challenging or contested environments By Caroline Rees / 02 Mar 2023
ARKEUS Hyperspectral Optical Radar
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Arkeus is launching its Hyperspectral Optical Radar (HSOR) real time autonomous wide-area hyperspectral sensor at the Avalon 2023 Australian International Airshow. 

Melbourne-based Arkeus believes its new Australian-made Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor can revolutionize situational awareness from drones and manned aircraft, delivering data for critical decision-making in both challenging or contested environments. 

According to the company, the HSOR reduces current exploitation time for hyperspectral imagery from days or hours to just seconds. 

“We understand that speed is critical, and no existing system comes close to this level of responsiveness; the HSOR offers significant capability enhancement for security, stability and sovereignty objectives,” said Arkeus Chief Executive Officer, Simon Olsen. 

Developed under contract for the Australian Department of Defence, with sponsorship from the Australian Navy, the HSOR also offers precision when it comes to information processing, with operators able to filter and define objectives specific to mission requirements rather than being flooded with excess data to manually manage. 

“There is no more searching through surplus information to eliminate threats or discern a contact from an anomaly; the HSOR processes data on the edge to deliver specific contact intelligence at optimum speed to facilitate immediate decision-making,” said Olsen. 

The HSOR technology is optimized for manned and unmanned aircraft conducting a wide variety of missions over land, sea or littoral environments including maritime domain awareness, ISR, border protection, city size surveillance and reconnaissance, force protection, counter terrorism, illegal activity monitoring or search and rescue. 

“The HSOR is the first system that can support both day and night operations in all conditions and all environments on both water and land, superseding all current situational awareness capabilities,” Olsen said. “Arkeus is proud to herald the next generation in payloads, small enough to fit within the size, weight and power constraints of a tactical UAS. We are anticipating considerable interest not just within Australia, but from the US, Europe, the middle east, and the Asia Pacific.” 

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