High Performance Infrared Zoom Lenses for UAVs and Drones: Low-SWaP, Extended-Range, Ruggedized Lenses

Combat-Ready IR Optics to be Showcased at Eurosatory

MKS, Ophir Optics, will introduce new extended-range IR thermal imaging zoom lenses for long-range observation systems and C-UAS, along with new low-SWaP IR zoom lenses for UAVs and drones, at the Eurosatory defense expo, Paris By Sarah Simpson / 10 Jun 2022
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Ophir Optronics Solutions will be introducing innovative combat-proven IR optics, from 1-FOV IR lenses to complex award-winning continuous zoom lenses, for air-land and naval defense electro-optic applications, at Eurosatory in Paris, 13th – 17th June 2022, Hall 6 D492.

Ophir is dedicated to providing field-proven capabilities through innovative designs for commercial and defense applications, including security and surveillance, naval, airborne, missiles, and weapon sights, delivering solutions for high precision and environmentally challenging applications.

Spearheading innovations in response to the demands of reduced SWaP (size, weight and power) requirements, Ophir answers the strict demands of defense customers worldwide, enabling today’s most advanced aerospace and defense electro-optic solution deployments.

During Eurosatory Ophir will be showcasing complex IR zoom lens assemblies and IR optical components, designed for advanced defense deployments.


Ophir Long Range, Ruggedized, SupIR 60-1200mm f/4.0 & SupIR 80-1200mm f/5.5

  • High-performance, ruggedized, IR continuous zoom lenses suited for 10µm SXGA/ HD and 15 µm VGA IR camera formats
  • Designed for long-range security & surveillance observation systems and C-UAS platforms
  • Detection range exceeding 28km*
  • Delivering superb image quality and accurate line- of-sight (LOS)
  • Part of the Ophir long-range broad commercial products portfolio

*For 60-1200mm f/4 2.3X2.3m NATO target


Ophir Long Range, Ruggedized Family for Cooled MWIR VGA FPA Cameras: SupIR 30-385mm, 50-700mm, and 80-1200mm MWIR f/5.5 lenses

  • Designed for 15µm pitch VGA FPA (focal plane array) cooled MWIR detectors.
  • Allows for longer detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges, exceeding 26km (using the SupIR 80-1200mm lens).
  • Ideal for the demanding requirements of extended observation and surveillance systems in both defense and commercial markets.
  • The new Ophir SupIR lenses feature a rugged design for operation in harsh environmental conditions. The lenses provide an operating temperature range from -32˚C to +70˚C, as well as abrasion-resistant, anti-reflective (AR) coatings; IP 67 sealing; and a mechanical design that withstands severe shock and vibration.


Ophir LightIR 18-225 f/4

  • High-performance, low-SWaP IR continuous zoom lens
  • Ideal for the demanding requirements of reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) and small gimbal thermal imaging applications, such as drones and tactical UAV IR cameras, as well as micro/mini-tactical payloads in the commercial, homeland security, and defense markets.
  • Optimized for smaller pixel size sensors: 10µm SXGA/HD and 15µm VGA FPA (focal plane array) sensors
  • The lens weighs only 326gr, making it 20% smaller than similar lenses
  • Detection range exceeding 16km*
  • Addressing challenges as line-of-sight (LOS) stabilization, athermalization, maintaining focus throughout the entire zoom range and high imaging performance

*For 2.3X2.3m NATO target


Ophir’s US-ITAR-certified European manufacturing site

Ophir’s US-ITAR-certified European site, which is located in NATO-member Romania, has recently expanded manufacturing capacity, and is able to address the rapidly increasing defense-industry demand.

The site specializes in the fabrication and coating of customized optical components, such as demanding build-to-print requirements. From developing an initial prototype to serial production, Ophir combines unparalleled experience and the latest technologies to provide high-end optical components and IR lens assemblies that meet the strictest demands of defense industries worldwide.

Ophir’s site in Bucharest fulfills high-volume requirements for the most advanced defense and aerospace solution deployments. Thousands of delivered precision infrared components have enabled our customers’ electro-optical defense systems to operate in environmentally challenging applications. Offered products include protective windows, imaging lens elements and mirrors.

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