IP64-Rated EO/IR Camera Released for UAVs

Published: 09 May 2019 | Author: Mike Rees

TeAx Technology IP64 rated EOIR cameraTeAx Technology has announced that it has developed an IP64-rated splash-resistant version of its ThermalCapture Fusion EO/IR camera for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), following increasing requests from the global drone market. The ThermalCapture Fusion is a dual camera system that delivers both thermal and visible imagery.

As the number of professional drone systems has risen, so too has the demand for reliable sensor payloads that capture meaningful data. TeAx Technology has updated ThermalCapture Fusion for full operation under harsh weather conditions.

Features of the new IP-64 rated ThermalCapture Fusion system include:

  • Water protected (IP64) dual camera, compatible with almost any drone
  • Completely aligned thermal and visual sensors
  • Overlay of thermal and visual images in real-time and post-processing
  • Digital thermal radiometric and visual data stored on microSD card
  • Per pixel temperature measurements
  • Hot Spot Detection
  • Geo-referenced data material
  • Serial interface for meta data
  • Analog live video output + HDMI
  • Stores position and time (GPS + PPS)
  • S Bus / PWM compatible
  • Remote controllable
  • Available in 9Hz
  • Compatible with FLIR software tools
  • Capable of recording full thermal frame rates

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