OxTS Inertial+ Navigation System now Compatible with two new GPS Receivers

By Caroline Rees / 10 Jul 2014
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Inertial+ Navigation SystemThe latest update of the Oxford Technical Solutions’ Inertial+ now allows customers using NovAtel’s OEM638 products or Topcon’s B110 GNSS receivers to quickly and easily benefit from the precision and reliability of a full GNSS-aided inertial navigation system. The easy integration of these latest generation sensors with the Inertial+ ensures it remains a highly cost-effective but simple solution for customers looking to enhance the performance, flexibility and reliability of their existing GNSS hardware.

The Inertial+ achieves this by overcoming the limitations of systems that rely on only GNSS technology to generate position and velocity measurements, and therefore depend on receiving continuous GNSS signals. It does this by cleverly and seamlessly blending inertial and GNSS measurements. In this way each technology exploits its individual strengths and corrects the inherent weaknesses of the other. The result is an INS capable of very accurate measurements, that still works in difficult GNSS environments and that can output real measurements at up to 250 Hz.

As a true drop-in solution, working with the Inertial+ is easy. Simply connect a cable between the two devices and use our configuration software to tell the Inertial+ which receiver it is attached to. As well as the real-time position, orientation and velocity movements the Inertial+ outputs, its data is also stored internally and can be post-processed using OxTS’s comprehensive software suite that is included free of charge.

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