Drone LiDAR & Photogrammetry Data Processing Made Easy

  • Webinar Type Scheduled
  • Date September 16, 2020
  • Time 08:00 (CST)

Quickly and Efficiently Process Geospatial Data with mdInfinity and Data Processing Modules.

Wednesday, September 16th 9:00AM EST or 6:00PM EST

Learn how you can make your drone surveying work more accurate, profitable and efficient. Microdrones has developed mdInfinity which provides an easy and affordable means to process all your drone Lidar and photogrammetric data quickly and efficiently.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • mdInfinity and Data Processing Modules
  • Improving your processing workflow and creating easy, repeatable results
  • Microdrones as a Service
  • Invitation to Special Offer for attendees only.

Register now for our next Wednesday Webinar, Drone LiDAR and Photogrammetry Data Processing Made Easy: mdInfinity Modules, September 16th at 9am ET or 6PM ET.

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