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Sagetech: Equipping Aircraft with Reliability

Sagetech has released a whitepaper outlining the challenges of carrying out missions without low SWaP, citing their MXS Mode 5 Transponder as a full-power solution with certified functionality Feature Article by Sagetech Avionics
Sagetech: Equipping Aircraft with Reliability
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Sagetech knows that when carrying out air missions that require maximum efficiency to support increased payload, low SWaP (size, weight, power) is absolutely essential. Read more >>

In the market today, many certified transponders are expensive, heavy, and require more power. A low SWAP certified solution needs to be in place increase mission capability, reduce operation costs, and to not compromise on safety. This is especially important as the drone industry expands into civil and commercial operations, a valuable yet challenging and complex development for a variety of reasons.

Sagetech’s MXS transponder meets rigorous DO-260B ADS-B specifications to ensure the highest level of safety available, and is posited by the company as a solution to any low-SWaP issues.

The FAA-certified and TSO/ETSO Authorized MXS provides full-power, certified functionality in a minimal SWaP transponder, and can be used in tandem with crewed and uncrewed aircraft increasing situational awareness, enabling safer skies for joint operations.

In the full article, Sagetech goes into detail, outlining:

  • The Challenge
  • Expected Impacts
  • The Solution: MXS Mode Transponder
  • Results
  • Next Steps

Given its compact size and low power consumption, the MXS is an ideal transponder to enhance aircraft visibility and safety, at a low cost.

Read the full article, or visit Sagetech’s website to find out more.

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