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Rugged Computers Deliver Performance & Customization at the Tactical Edge

Feature Article by Crystal Group

Crystal Group has released a whitepaper explaining how its rugged computers can deliver high-volume processing of real-time aviation data and intelligence at the tactical edge.

Download the whitepaper from the Crystal Group website>

Crystal Group Delivers Performance & Customization at the Tactical Edge

Modern avionics and military platforms require field-ready, scalable, and high performance mission computers to run compute-intensive, safety-critical workloads. These platforms need to function in space-constrained environments, such as onboard unmanned aerial vehicles.

This goal can be effectively achieved with mission computers equipped with the latest processors embedded within rugged, compact, and power-efficient form factors. Edge computing systems used in missions must be easily customized with all the features and functionality needed to enable rapid decision-making, protect critical data and lead to successful engagements. Seamless integration of a variety of different components and architectures is required, which can be difficult to achieve.

Download the white paper to learn how Crystal Group’s RE3101 meets these needs>

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