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MIMO Wireless RF Technology Explained

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Doodle Labs MIMO article

Doodle Labs has released an article explaining the basics of MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output), a technology that provides greater efficiencies for radio and wireless communications. MIMO minimizes channel congestion and provides wireless links with greater capacity and reliability, and is used for a range of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and unmanned systems communication requirements.

Read the full article on Doodle Labs’ website

The article covers:

  • How MIMO systems transmit high-quality video and audio even in challenging circumstances
  • The history of MIMO
  • How MIMO solved a long-standing issue with point-to-point radio transmission
  • The three essential functions of MIMO – precoding, spatial multiplexing, and diversity coding
  • MIMO’s diversity modes
  • The benefits and drawbacks of next-generation MU-MIMO technology
  • How MIMO is used by Doodle labs’ Smart Radios in applications such as drones and mobile robotics

To find out more about MIMO technology and Doodle Labs’ Smart Radios for challenging environments, read the full article here.

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