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LiDAR Fundamentals: What is LiDAR?

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LiDAR fundamentals Phoenix LiDAR
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Phoenix LiDAR helps its customers and the public to learn about LiDAR and discusses what makes the company’s solutions a unique, groundbreaking tool for a variety of applications.

LiDAR 3D mapping is a versatile technology that unlike passive sensing methods such as photogrammetry can penetrate vegetation and operate in dark lighting situations. LiDAR is a more applicable, user-friendly technology providing data that is faster and easier to process.

Phoenix LiDAR’s aerial solutions allow you to scan area swaths faster and with more consistent results than using current ground scan technologies, whether they’re utilizing terrestrial or mobile mapping methods. 

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The article covers:

  • Basics of LiDAR
  • How does LiDAR work?
  • Parameters for LiDAR scanning via UAV
  • Phoenix LiDAR Workflow

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