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Case Study: Bathymetric Survey in a Lagoon

Seabots' case study focuses on the deployment of FURUNO's WASSP S3R multibeam echosounder integrated into its SB 100 PRO unmanned surface vehicle (USV) at Pèlag Gran Lake, Vilobí del Penedès Feature Article by Seabots
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Bathymetric survey in a lagoon with a WASSP S3R multibeam echosounder integrated in a SB 100 PRO USVSeabots has released a case study discussing a bathymetric survey in a lagoon with FURUNO’s WASSP S3R multibeam echosounder integrated in a SB 100 PRO unmanned surface vehicle (USV) at Pèlag Gran Lake in Vilobí del Penedès, Barcelona.

Marine robotics can replace tasks that have always been carried out by traditional methods, which have a high ecological impact and expensive operating costs. Unmanned surface vehicles are becoming widespread in several areas in the naval sector. 

In this real case study, Seabots presents a need that is shared by many ports, mooring inspection in harbors and marinas.

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The operation took approximately 2 hours, to properly cover a total of 2,67 hectares, with no need to change batteries. The weather was favorable, sunny, with a flat sea, ideal for these operations at sea. 

At the end of the operation, a patch test was performed to determine the transducer angles to correct data in post-processing. The access to the water was very easy, being able to park the van near the area, moving the equipment with the trolley to the margin and the last stretch manually into the water. 

The multipurpose USV SB 100 PRO equipped with a WASSP S3R multibeam echosounder offers an unbeatable performance. A complete pack with all the necessary instruments to perform entire works while increasing potential applications in several marine sectors. It can carry out control and monitoring of dock constructions, multibeam bathymetric surveys, draught control, dredging, volume calculation, inspection of structures and location of submerged artifacts. The INS SBG Ellipse Dual Antenna and the SVS Valeport included on it ensure accuracy and quality data.

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