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UNVEX (Unmanned Vehicle Exhibition) is a professional event focused on autonomous and remotely piloted vehicles. Established in 2010, the event provides a forum to promote and advance this new technology in Spain and Latin America. The fourth edition of the Latin American series will take place in Santiago de Chile.

Conferences and demonstrations will center on the applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs, or drones), relevant markets and the development of the industry.

UNVEX AMERICA is part of the Official Conference Program of FIDAE. This international exhibition is the largest air show in the continent and attracts Official Delegations and visitors from across the region. This year, a specific area will be dedicated to exhibitors of UAV and drones for any kind of application.

Why participate?

Latin America because of its orography and geographical conditions is one of the biggest potential markets for remote piloted air systems. The use of UAVs in security, border and environmental protection, agriculture, forestry or the large mining industry provide a cost-effective solution and a number of programs and projects are being developed to incorporate this technology.

For example, in Chile emergency responders are using RPAS to increase efficiency in their operations. Mining companies in Peru are requesting solutions able to work in challenging conditions; meanwhile RPAS are required in Colombia for security, in Mexico for border protection, and in Brazil to protect the Amazon.

UNVEX AMERICA is the largest event of RPAS in Latin America that includes:

  • Three days of conferences on commercial, security, emergencies and defense applications with the participation of regional and international speakers
  • Live demos everyday as part of the FIDAE Air Show with two separate areas, one for micro- drones and a second one, located in the military air field, for UAV/RPAS
  • Visit the largest aerospace exhibition in Latin America, including the new area devoted to UAV/drones exhibitors.

Who should attend?

Any one wishing to participate in this growing market will find in UNVEX AMERICA and FIDAE a real opportunity to meet and network with clients and learn about solutions.

UNVEX AMERICA provides three days of opportunities to network within a growing community.

More Information and Registration

To learn more about UNVEX AMERICA, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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