UAS TAAC Conference 2012

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About UAS TAAC Conference 2012

The UAS TAAC venue has succeeded in getting together the organizations that matter. Last year we had numerous UAS leaders at the conference that can and do discuss critical issues in a productive, value added environment.

At the TAAC’s 14th annual conference, we again anticipate speakers and attendees from many federal agencies (DoD, NASA, DHS, NOAA, BLM, USGS), aviation user groups such as AOPA, AIA, universities, and private industry. The TAAC conference offers an eclectic composition of attendees and topics, presented in both classified and open venues.

While attending the TAAC 2012 Conference, you will have an excellent opportunity to network with users, providers, and implementers of UAS. The venue for our conference will allow you to interact with all of the attendees during this three-day event; even in this modern electronic age, nothing can replace that person-to-person contact.

The organizers of this year’s conference also have strived to bring you the maximum information possible. The breadth and depth of the information again this year is expected to be a definite best value for all of us.

So, plan on joining us at the 2012 TAAC Conference and enjoy the New Mexico hospitality while you are provided with a top quality UAS program.

More Information and Registration

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