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About S-Moving Forum

S-Moving is the reference space for companies, professionals, organizations, and public administrations of Smart, Autonomous, and Unmanned Vehicle sectors.

S-Moving is an international forum dedicated to sharing the technologies applied to smart mobility, autonomous, connected, and unmanned by land, sea, and aerospace, and its infrastructure, which gives this meeting a transversal and multi-sectoral approach in which the participants can establish synergies, make contacts, find business opportunities, and learn about the latest trends in these sectors.

The opportunity

  • The autonomous and connected mobility systems represent a great opportunity for the development of new forms of present and future transport.
  • Robotics, self-learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, IoT, LIDAR… have a large potential for growth in the various fields of activity of these systems: land, maritime, and aerospace.
  • The innovation and application of new technologies to the autonomous and connected systems will lead to a real change in the transportation models of both people and things, as well as in the field of defense, rescue, research, etc…
  • These vehicles offer the possibility of numerous applications in various fields of production, business, social, and environmental issues.
  • In addition, they will reduce the reaction time, improve job security, in transport, in emergencies, and in a variety of fields.

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