Joint Fires Summit 2024

February 21-22, 2024
United States
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Key Details Dates: February 21-22, 2024 Venue: Stone Event Center, Huntsville, AL, United States
About Joint Fires Summit 2024

Defense Strategies Institute’s Joint Fires Summit 2024 will bring together the DoD, Military Services, Industry, & Academia to discuss how they are currently working toward delivering cutting-edge surface-to-surface fires systems that will significantly increase range and effects over currently fielded US and adversary systems.

Attendees at Joint Fires Summit 2024 will hear unique insight from leaders throughout DoD, Military, and Industry about the opportunities and challenges that will define Joint Fires in the next decade of multi-domain operations. Speakers will share their perspective on efforts to enhance combat readiness, improve artillery systems for direct and indirect fires, and increase interoperability with joint partners and allies. A panel of experts and leaders will convene to lay out a roadmap to a Joint Warfighting Concept through the adoption of a JADC2 framework as the US seeks to succeed in a near-peer environment.

When is Joint Fires Summit 2024?

Joint Fires Summit will take place from 21-22 February 2024.

More Information and Registration

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