European Drone Summit

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About European Drone Summit

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT is a European conference for the international drone industry to explore market requirements and share ideas for the future.

Personalities from the fields of politics, law-making, research, industry and business come together to discuss the way forward for achieving acceptance and devising solutions for safe and effective commercial use of unmanned aircraft in Europe. One of the highlights will be the panel discussion with high-ranking representatives from the UAS sector.

At the same time, the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT offers a platform for sharing the potential, purposes and demands of using UAS in a professional environment. Specialist meetings, especially on the topics of

  • Geodesy and inspection
  • Fundamentals of safe flight
  • Transport and logistics
  • Public security

open up the opportunity to present concepts from the point of view of UAS flight service providers and formulate the demands and requirements for the best use of UAS in specific business sectors.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT provides all participants with information about the benefits and market potential/ trends, as well as visions of using UAS. It is certainly the place to be if you want direct contact with all the experts on one day.

The EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT lives up to its aim of being an “influencer”.

More Information and Registration

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