AUS&R – Unmanned Systems & Robotics

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Date(s):15/10/2018 Venue:LAGO Conference Center, 6 HaMeah v’Esrim St., Rishon, LeTsiyon, , Israel Visit Website
AUS&R - Unmanned Systems & Robotics

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iHLS present the AUS&R 2018 Conference and Exhibition, a unique opportunity to network with representatives from government agencies, leading defense industries, military, security forces and law enforcement, investors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

Leading experts will present all the aspects and innovative technologies in the field of unmanned systems – drones and UAVs, UGVs, USVs, etc., that have transformed from future forces equipment into currently deployed systems that achieve outstanding accomplishments in the service of first responders, law enforcement, and the military around the globe.

In this innovative field, where Israel plays a world-leading role, advanced systems replace human teams in operation, saving lives, as well as time and resources.

The exhibition accompanying the conference will showcase outstanding technologies in the field of unmanned systems and robotics, as well as supplemental systems. Demonstrations will also be held.

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