AUV Payloads & ROV Skids: Underwater Laser Scanners & 4K Stills Cameras for Subsea Inspections & Surveys
Discovery Vision Systems Smart ROV cameras for piloting, inspection & 3D modelling
Discovery Vision Systems

Smart ROV cameras for piloting, inspection & 3D modelling

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Discovery Vision Systems

Voyis Discovery Cameras provide ROVs with low-latency 4K streaming video capabilities for enhanced piloting and inspection, as well as high-resolution still image capture for 3D modelling and scene reconstruction. With onboard edge computing, users can do away with the need for expensive third-party processing.

Featuring power-optimized high-intensity Nova Mini Lights that synchronize to the camera and provide even illumination with over 60,000 lumens per unit, Discovery Cameras utilize real-time image lighting and distortion correction to provide the sharpest and clearest possible underwater viewing experience.

Voyis Discovery Cameras can be easily integrated into a wide range of ROVs and subsea vehicles, with an API that directly supports ROS2 operating systems. The cameras also support DDS (data distribution standard), allowing all data outputs to be published over the vehicle network for streaming to multiple endpoints.

The Discovery Cameras lineup includes two models:

  • Discovery – 300 metre-rated camera for 3D modelling and 4K video streaming
  • Discovery Stereo – 4000 metre-rated stereo camera providing 4K video, still images, and real-time 3D point clouds
Discovery Discovery Stereo
Camera 8MP, colour sensors Dual 8MP, colour sensors
Lens Ultra-wide 130°x130° FOV 5.0mm, 75°x75° FOV
Operating Range 0.1 - 5m 0.5 - 5m
Depth Rating 300m 300 or 4000m
Data Outputs Raw & Processed Images, Video, IMU data Raw & Processed Images, Video, IMU data, 3D Point Clouds