Advanced Cloud-Based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform for Drone Simulation, Design & Analysis
SIMNET Designer Advanced drone design, analysis, and simulation software
SIMNET Designer

Advanced drone design, analysis, and simulation software

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SIMNET Designer

SIMNET Designer is a cutting-edge drone design exploration and simulation tool, accessible directly from your web browser. This platform revolutionizes drone development by integrating modern engineering approaches for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary analysis within a single, user-friendly interface. It offers real-time analysis capabilities, facilitating rapid exploration of the design space with a flexible and intuitive interface that has a low learning curve.

The process with SIMNET Designer begins with the design phase, where users can combine parametric components to craft various drone designs, including multicopters, fixed-wings, and VTOLs. Following creation, its analysis tools provide real-time predictions of the aircraft’s performance metrics like flight time, range, and payload capacity. Additionally, users can simulate their aircraft in realistic environments and atmospheric conditions to observe flight characteristics and performance.

SIMNET Designer is a versatile tool beneficial for drone developers, educators, and students. For developers, it streamlines the workflow by integrating design and analysis, reducing development time and costs by minimizing the need for extensive prototyping and testing. Educators can leverage this tool to enhance their curriculum, offering students an interactive environment for learning engineering concepts. Students, in turn, gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of aerospace engineering principles through this interactive virtual platform.

Key features include real-time performance analysis predicting over 30 aircraft parameters, flight simulation connected to a transmitte, and turnkey Software-In-The-Loop simulation of popular flight control systems like ArduPilot and PX4. This allows for testing of flight control software in conjunction with the UAV airframe, making SIMNET Designer a comprehensive solution for drone design and simulation needs.