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SEAMOR Steelhead Portable ROV for inspection & underwater filming
SEAMOR Steelhead

Portable ROV for inspection & underwater filming

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SEAMOR Steelhead

The Steelhead is SEAMOR's most lightweight and portable ROV. The compact robotic vehicle is easily deployed and recovered from small vessels and docks without hoists or cranes, and is ideal for inspection of confined spaces that other platforms or human divers cannot reach.

The inspection-class ROV comes equipped with a standard definition NTSC or PAL camera that has been optimized for low light conditions, and includes an intuitive and ergonomic controller with a built-in LCD screen. Its functionality can be increased even further with a range of additional options including grippers, lighting, sonars, USBLs and lasers.

The SEAMOR Steelhead ROV is capable of operating at depths of down to 300m (1000 ft).


Dimensions (L x W x H) 502 x 384 x 373 mm (19.8” x 15.1” x 14.7”)
Weight in Air ~ 21 kg (47 lbs)
Speed 1.75 knots (dependent on environment and configuration)
Thrusters Two horizontal and two vertical/lateral
Forward Camera NTSC or PAL
3x optical and up to 32x total zoom
Tilt range +/- 90 degree rotation
2x 1500 lumen dimmable high-intensity LED lights
Auxiliary Camera Colour or black & white, low light
Fixed focus
2x on/off 1500 lumen lights