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RIG-200R Airborne Radio Gateway for UAVs

Airborne Radio Gateway for UAVs

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The RIG-200R is a rugged radio over IP gateway for UAVs and drones that provides ground control stations and ATM/UTM operators with transparent access to onboard audio and radio assets via line-of-sight or SATCOM datalinks.

Utilizing standard voice and remote-control radio interfaces, the system converts all necessary signals to IP based protocols without the need to modify any equipment. It can also be equipped with digital waveforms for narrowband data transfer, wideband voice encryption, support for PLS interrogators, and more.

The rugged system has been designed to meet a variety of airborne and airworthiness standards, including STANAG 4586, STANAG 4671, DO-178 DAL-D and DO-254 DAL-D.