Mission-Critical Integrated Systems, Chassis & Backplanes for UAVs, UGVs & Unmanned Systems
AoC3U-1440 14-slot forced air & conduction-cooled enclosure with mission-configurable backplane

14-slot forced air & conduction-cooled enclosure with mission-configurable backplane

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The AoC3U-1440 is a forced-air and conduction cooled ATR chassis designed for 3U VPX and SOSA-aligned plug in card payloads. With dual 9-slot backplanes supporting up to 14 payload cards plus 4 VITA 62 power supplies, it is ideal either as a test and development platform or a deployment chassis for UAVs and unmanned systems.

The versatile unit's backplanes are 100% configurable using Meritec cabling, and I/O panels can be fully customized, including with MIL-STD-38999 options for high-speed signals. The rugged chassis is designed to meet MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461 requirements.


Dimensions: 272.5 x 304 x 662mm including connectors and handles
Weight: Approx. 60 lbs including typical loadout
Power: MIL-STD-704E, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-461 options
Multiple input voltage: 115VAC, 28VDC
Multiple VITA 62 power modules supporting 12 and 5V centric board payloads for high power requirements
Backplane Options: Custom and standard profiles for VPX and SOSA-aligned modules
including payload + power supply slots
10, 40 and 100GBase KR4 capable
VITA 66 and 67 optical and RF apertures
I/O: Custom I/O panel supporting high speed connectivity
High density MIL-STD 38999 circular connectors
High speed 10GbE 38999 Hercules connectors
Rugged SMA connectors for RF and optical I/O
BNC locking connectors for SD-HDI video
Payload Compatibility: 3U VPX and SOSA-aligned multi-core single board computers, high speed GPGPU and FPGA modules, video processing, Ethernet switching and other payload modules