Landing Zones Canada

Aerospace & Defense OEM focused on both Civil UAS & Military RPAS

Landing Zones Canada
Aerospace & Defense OEM focused on both Civil UAS & Military RPAS
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Landing Zones Canada (LZC) is a leading developer of cutting-edge aerospace and defense technologies with a focus on both civil UAS (unmanned aerial systems) and military RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems).

We are committed to creating environmentally-friendly solutions that actively contribute to safer skies and the preservation of our planet. Our reliable and rugged unmanned aircraft, powered by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, have been selected by a wide range of global partners and we have a proven track record supporting many of the world’s largest aerospace OEMs.


Rugged UAS for environmental and meteorological data collection

Rugged Fixed-Wing UAS

The GITPO RPAS-RR is an advanced fixed-wing UAS that has been specifically created as an alternative to single-use radiosonde systems. Designed to revolutionize the way national weather services collect atmospheric data, it eliminates the e-waste associated with disposable systems, providing a much reduced ecological impact and contributing towards environmental preservation.

The aircraft is carried aloft via weather balloon and records critical weather data as it ascends. At the apogee, the balloon is released and the GITPO returns autonomously to the launch point or other selected retrieval location, utilizing advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to ensure the most optimal route.

The rugged GITPO RPAS-RR has been designed to operate reliably under the harshest of environmental conditions, anywhere in the world.

More information: GITPO RPAS-RR Rugged Fixed-Wing UAS


Target glider drone for weapons training & testing

The EAGLE RPAS Glider Target (RPAS-GT) is an advanced target drone that can replicate a wide variety of modern glide bombs and high-diving anti-ship weapon systems. The platform is an ideal training and testing tool for naval and armed forces.

More information: EAGLE RPAS-GT Glider Target Drone

Testing, Training & Evaluation Services

We provide a wide variety of training, testing and evaluation services for both public and private sector clients, and can create bespoke programs that surpass industry standards and cater to your unique requirements.

White Hats TrainingWe also operate the White Hats Training, Test & Evaluation group focusing on advanced UAV and weapon systems performance measurement, and have provided our services to NATO members and allied nations as well as aerospace and defense OEMs.

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