Inertial Navigation & Positioning Technology for Unmanned, Autonomous Systems
Quadrans IMO-certified AHRS & gyrocompass for USVs

IMO-certified AHRS & gyrocompass for USVs

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Quadrans is an IMO and IMO-HSC certified gyrocompass and AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) for USVs and other marine and maritime platforms. Based on state-of-the-art interferometric fiber optic gyroscope (iFOG) technology, the compact system requires no maintenance and is easy to integrate.


  • Compact and plug & play system
  • AHRS: All in one Gyrocompass & MRU
  • Unique strap-down technology, interferometric FOG
  • Embedded Man Machine Interface (no proprietary CDU)
  • IMO Certification
  • Heave, Surge, Sway measurement


  • Fast settling time
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy integration
  • Stabilization and pointing capability
  • Automatic speed and latitude correction
  • Works in high sea state
  • Allows restart at sea