Inertial Navigation & Positioning Technology for Unmanned, Autonomous Systems
Phins Surface Advanced FOG INS for USVs
Phins Surface

Advanced FOG INS for USVs

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Phins Surface

Phins Surface is a cutting-edge FOG-based INS that incorporates advanced Kalman filtering and an embedded digital signal processor. It is ideal for bathymetric survey, offshore construction, port and harbour maintenance, and other surface vessel applications.

Features & Benefits

  • IMO-certified navigation gyro
  • All-in-one high-accuracy 3D positioning with heading, roll and pitch
  • Compact, light and reliable
  • FOG unique strap-down technology
  • Multiple aiding available: DVL, EM log, GPS, USBL, LBL and depth sensor
  • Ethernet, web server (GUI)
  • NTP synchro capability
  • IMU option for high accuracy platform stabilization
  • Low latency
  • Static and dynamic alignment modes, with and without GNSS
  • 4Gb embedded data logger
  • Versatile I/O options for an easy integration
  • High reliability and maintenance-free
  • ITAR-free
  • 24/7 worldwide technical assistance