Inertial Navigation & Positioning Technology for Unmanned, Autonomous Systems
Canopus Intelligent seabed transponder for LBL positioning

Intelligent seabed transponder for LBL positioning

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Canopus is an intelligent transponder providing LBL and sparse LBL positioning and acoustic communications. It can be installed on the seabed or on subsea vehicles, and features extremely low powr consumption and a long working lifetime.


  • Modes of operation: Long BaseLine positioning, ASBL Sparse Array positioning, Acoustic Communication
  • Embedded user interface (MMI)
  • Depth rating: 4,000 m (6,000 m in option)
  • Compatibility: Gaps and Posidonia (USBL), Ramses (LBL and ASBL), Exail INS
  • Standard environmental sensors including pressure, temperature, inclinometer


  • Low power consumption
  • Listening life: more than 5 years (Alkaline)
  • Operational life: 1,600,000 pings at maximum sound level (Alkaline)
  • Several hundred unique wideband addresses and codes
  • Medium frequency band and omnidirectional transducer head