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Here3 RTK-GNSS positioning module for UAVs and robotics

RTK-GNSS positioning module for UAVs and robotics

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The Here3 is an RTK-enabled high-precision positioning module for UAVs and unmanned systems, based around the u-blox M8P GNSS chipset as well as ARM Cortex CPU running a real-time operating system (RTOS). When used in conjunction with an RTK base station, it provides positioning capabilities down to centimetre-level accuracy.

The system has been designed around an in-house developed fully-supported software framework for enhanced reliability and extendability. The architecture uses the CAN protocol, providing higher data rates, noise immunity and real-time capabilities.

The compact and lightweight GNSS module is enclosed in a dust-and water-resistant housing and features an integrated magnetometer and compass for enhanced navigation performance.


Dimensions 76 x 76 x 16.6 mm
Weight 48.8 g
GNSS Constellations GPS L1C/A GLONASS L1OF BeiDou B1I
Max Update Rate 8 Hz
Positioning Accuracy 3D FIX: 2.5m RTK: 0.025m