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Sword Cargo 4.0 Fixed-wing aerial cargo delivery drone
Sword Cargo 4.0

Fixed-wing aerial cargo delivery drone

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Sword Cargo 4.0

The Cargo 4.0 is an advanced aerial cargo delivery drone platform with a 4-metre wingspan. With a payload capacity of 20 to 50 kg, it utilises easily-swappable high-capacity underslung tote containers, and can also be equipped with custom systems integrations.

The UAV has been designed with an efficient twin-wing design, exhibiting excellent performance characteristics during all phases of flight. Its significant payload capacity makes it ideal for a wide range of commercial delivery applications, and it can be equipped for BVLOS missions.

The platform can be equipped with a number of propulsion options:

  • Twin-cylinder EFI petrol engine
  • Hybrid VTOL
  • Launcher/STOL/STOVL versions also available