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Secure Cloud Solution for Remote Asset Management

By Mike Ball / 04 Jul 2024
Secure Cloud Solution for Remote Asset Management
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Advantech has released the ADAM-6000/6200 Secured Cloud I/O Series, a new solution that offers direct cloud management and control of remote assets such as drones and robotics. Featuring integration of MQTT protocols and robust security features such as X.509 certificate, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and IP allowlisting, the ADAM-6000/6200 Series is a flexible, scalable solution for managing assets across multiple sites.

The ADAM-6000/6200 series is engineered to facilitate direct management of I/O devices through the cloud. This transformative approach enables seamless monitoring and control of distributed assets, ensuring real-time data acquisition and decision-making across multiple sites.

At the core of the ADAM series is a robust security framework. The series implements X.509 certificate, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, ensuring secure data transmission between devices and the cloud. This encryption, combined with advanced cipher suites and IP allowlisting, offers an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access, making it ideal for cloud-based IoT environments.

The OTA update feature ensures ease of use and allows for efficient mass deployment of firmware, certificates, and configurations, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. It ensures that all connected devices are uniformly updated, maintaining system integrity and performance.

Advantech’s ADAM series streamlines device management, offering insights into overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), predictive maintenance, and lifecycle management. This approach enhances overall operational efficiency, minimizes unplanned downtime, and extends the lifespan of industrial assets.

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