Drone Platform for First Responders Launched

BRINC's “Live Ops” software platform aids first responders by compiling evidence management, two-way communications, fleet and live streaming into one united platform By William Mackenzie / 27 Mar 2024
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LiveOps, the new software platform from American public safety technology developers BRINC, aims to enhance coordination, efficiency and effectiveness in public safety drone operations.

LiveOps: The Unified Drone Operations Platform from BRINC

Accessible on all modern browsers, LiveOps integrates with BRINC’s complete hardware ecosystem, including LEMUR 2, BRINC Ball and future drones.

BRINC states that this will provide both pilots and emergency response teams with a unified platform for managing crisis negotiations and drone operations. 

Live Streaming and Real-time Maps
Live stream video directly from BRINC devices to LiveOps through an integrated cellular connection, granting each first response team member autonomy to tailor their feed for informed decision-making. This independent view – separate from the pilot’s – ensures comprehensive coverage in dynamic situations. 

Additionally, operators can view, filter, and slice LiDAR data from active LEMUR 2 drones. These maps update as the drone scans with LiDAR sensors and can be converted from 3D maps to 2D floor plans with the Slicer tool.

Place and Record Calls
LiveOps facilitates two-way communications with external cell phones or BRINC devices and can be applied for de-escalation from anywhere in the world. Users can record calls and access live AI-powered transcriptions to track negotiations and brief personnel. Additionally, internal messaging and live drone video streams during calls can provide information to crisis negotiators and ground personnel.

BRINC Vault Evidence & Data Storage
LiveOps serves as a post-mission repository for flight logs and evidence storage. BRINC Vault allows teams to seamlessly access mission-critical data, with CJIS-compliant logs ensuring the integrity and admissibility of records as evidence. LiveOps incorporates a suite of tools to store and manage evidence efficiently – making data from BRINC devices readily available for prosecution teams.

Team & Fleet Management
LiveOps grows with a users drone program, offering user controls, sub-teams, hardware tracking, and a suite of operational tools. It also provides quick access to BRINC support, along with training videos and documentation.

Compliant with CJIS standards and featuring direct device communication, BRINC’s system enhances functionality and security, streamlining team management. BRINC enforce stringent data governance, encrypting data both in transit and at rest, safeguarding mission data and preserving evidence integrity.

Blake Resnick, Founder and CEO of BRINC said; “This platform builds on our commitment to help first responders save lives with technology.

“LiveOps provides access to the powerful features of BRINC hardware products through one unified platform, significantly improving situational awareness, evidence management, and operational efficiency for entire public safety teams.”

Don Redmond, VP of Advanced Public Safety Projects at BRINC, commented; “BRINC LiveOps will become a critical platform for public safety agencies nationwide as it uniquely integrates deep hardware features into a unified platform.

“Agencies no longer need to tab between multiple platforms during missions, or be worried about limitations tied to specific hardware. LiveOps lets agencies focus on scaling their airborne operations instead of the technical nuances of a fractured technology stack.”

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