Enhanced Video & Audio Encoder-Decoder for Tactical UAV Applications

The Evenlode Video and Audio Encoder / Decoder provides extremely low latency and secure distribution By Mike Ball / 29 Aug 2023
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SPX CommTech has launched the company’s next-generation Evenlode Video and Audio Encoder/Decoder, developed by Enterprise Control Systems (ECS). The compact, lightweight and low-power unit is ideal for installation on UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and is designed to provide real-time intelligence-gathering for tactical applications such as incident response and public safety. The product will be unveiled at the DSEI exhibition in London.

The Evenlode Video and Audio Encoder / Decoder supplies high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) H.265 low-latency encoding to deliver superior multi-video compression for efficient video recording and real-time, secure distribution. Latency below 120 milliseconds end-to-end means images are transferred and received in real-time, enabling greater situational awareness, and more accurate, faster response.

According the SPX CommTech, the unit significantly reduces the required bandwidth to transfer the same – or better – quality video and audio data compared to existing models on the market. Considering the limited RF bandwidths available to defence, security and policing organisations, access to freed-up IP allows greater flexibility for sharing critical data through encrypted file shares. It also allows greater use of applications such as electro-optical/infrared sensors, and tracking and location data being shown on a moving map – all improving incident response.

The decoder mirrors the encoding capabilities, allowing the real-time re-streaming – or transcoding – to multiple destination points such as a command centre or at the tactical edge using mobile devices. This adds flexibility to users’ video distribution aims in one single solution.

The upgraded video and audio data link solution, which is the latest in the ECS Evenlode series, delivers highly sought-after 4K Ultra High Definition video image quality. This delivers a maximum system resolution of 1080p60 and enhances the image after compression, making it easier to identify details and potential threats.

The device is certified to RTCA DO160G standard, which assures the performance characteristics of the equipment required for kit fitted to airborne manned, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. It is backwards compatible with ECS’ operationally-proven legacy equipment, meaning that users can keep up to date with the latest decoding technology without upgrading their entire systems.

Tactical Data Links provide the ability for aircraft to become network-enabled across land, sea and air and to carry out Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions across all domains. Data is transmitted using sophisticated, in-house designed encryption software. The new Encoder / Decoder has six separate video inputs – four HD and two SD – capable of encoding four videos simultaneously. This allows users to select the latest mission-critical information required without disrupting the operation and simultaneously process multiple video inputs for improved situational awareness.

Jackson White, Business Development Director of Tactical Data Links and VP Marketing at SPX CommTech, commented: “The ability to record, receive, and stream real-time high-quality video and data is critical for all defence, security, and policing organisations charged with securing their nation’s population and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). At SPX CommTech we’re committed to providing solutions that allow faster, more detailed communication across longer distances. The launch of the new Evenlode Video and Audio Encoder / Decoder is part of our continued strategic development of technologies that ensure a smarter, more secure future for all by delivering fast and accurate ISR data so timely and effective decisions can be made on the tactical edge.”

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