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XTEND and ModalAI will introduce autonomous mission critical drones powered by XTEND's XOS operating system and ModalAI's VOXL 2 Autonomous AI Autopilot By Caroline Rees / 17 Jul 2023
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XTEND has announced a multi-layered partnership with ModalAI, Inc., the leading Blue UAS Framework manufacturer of autonomous drone and robotics technology. 

The partnership will see XTEND make available their award-winning XOS operating system on ModalAI’s technology, and XTEND’s range of revolutionary human-guided autonomous drones become tightly fused with ModalAI’s VOXL 2 Autonomous AI Autopilot, improving both sets of users’ ability to complete advanced robotics missions successfully.

Scalable and flexible, XTEND’s Operating System (XOS) provides users with an easily deployable operating system for their drones or robots. Giving any device the ability to connect to and benefit from the capabilities of XOS’s growing application ecosystem to enable true human and machine collaboration, on the ground, in any scenario. 

XTEND’s XOS app store is open to third-party app developers and enables users to run 3rd party applications on their devices, including applications for multiple mission types, including apps that can control a drone’s position and extract data, control payloads – such as robotic claws or advanced gas or cyber detectors, or inspect faulty oil and gas industrial infrastructure.

Rubi Liani, XTEND’s co-founder and CTO, said: “XOS is operational across the World and enables anyone to easily connect and interact with drones and robotics devices remotely, without the need for prior knowledge or training. Allowing operators to move, see, interact with devices precisely, intuitively, and immersively. We believe that XOS will become the operating system of choice for anyone who is looking to maximize the potential of their drones and robotic systems, while decreasing the risks posed to their teams’ lives, or concerns around lack of human oversight.

“Not only does our partnership with ModalAI supercharge the capabilities of their drone and robotics hardware; but our own range of revolutionary human-guided autonomous drones will now benefit from the extraordinary capabilities of ModalAI’s Next Generation VOXL 2 Autonomous AI Autopilot. We envision a very fruitful collaboration with ModalAI and see them as a perfect partner, as we extend operations into public safety, security, inspection, and other civilian markets.”

VOXL 2 is ModalAI’s next generation Blue UAS Framework autopilot, powered by the Qualcomm QRB5165 processor. At only 16g, VOXL 2 condenses autonomous capabilities from an onboard companion computer, PX4 flight controller and advanced AI up to 15+ TOPS. VOXL 2 was crafted to cut autonomous UAV development time by more than half. As a single board AI autopilot with pre-integrated flight hardware and software, VOXL 2 enables developers to accelerate the R&D phase of the product development journey, and begin developing their own bespoke UAVs.

VOXL 2 will boost the capabilities of XTEND’s range of fully NDAA compliant, human-guided autonomous drones, including its XTENDER, Wolverine and Griffon drones.

“We are very excited that XTEND has selected VOXL 2 to power their fleet of autonomous drones,” said Chad Sweet, CEO and co-founder of ModalAI, “VOXL 2 was created to reduce UAV developer’s time to market, so we are thrilled about XTEND’s progress in launching VOXL 2-powered drones. The impact of autonomous ISR is increasing daily, and we can’t wait to see how XTEND’s XOS and drone fleet will modernize mission critical applications.”

Both companies are part of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue UAS Framework, which accelerates commercial technology with the aim of providing trusted, advanced capabilities to UAV drone users.

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