Hybrid Ground/Aerial Drone System Tested by Spanish Army

Robotican's Rooster system was used to provide real-time video and intelligence during a building scan-and-clear mission By Mike Ball / 28 Feb 2023
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Robotican has confirmed that its Rooster hybrid UAV/UGV (unmanned aerial/ground vehicle) system has successfully performed a building scan-and-clear mission for the Spanish armed forces during an exercise that simulated a hostile urban environment, efficiently providing vital information and real-time video for intelligence assessment.

Telefónica Ltd. collaborated with Robotican during the Foro 2E+i – Fuerza 2035 military exercise, which included the Spanish armed forces executing ground drills against enemy positions in a building while using the Robotican Rooster. The building was scanned and cleared as part of a breaching maneuver to penetrate the compound while keeping forces out of harm’s way.

While troops physically secured the bottom floor, the Rooster, controlled by a Robotican operator located two kilometers away, scanned the upper floors and relayed real-time intelligence to the forces on the ground. In a second scenario, the team deployed the Rooster through a hole in the building’s roof and scanned the building while the company waited for the signal to begin its assault.

The Rooster is an easy-to-operate hybrid system designed for indoor and underground unmanned reconnaissance missions. The combination of ground robotics and drone capabilities provides a rapidly deployable platform with long-endurance capabilities to support indoor missions. Mesh communication increases effectiveness in underground and communication-denied areas. Additional payloads can be mounted on the Rooster to meet the diverse end-user requirements of modern militaries, special forces, first responders, HLS (homeland security) forces, and commercial organizations.

Thanks to its flexible cage, the Rooster is capable of rolling over all types of terrain and flying over obstacles, staircases, furniture, or through windows. The cage prevents any damage to the drone caused by in-flight collisions with structural obstacles.

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